The COVID-19 pandemic brought with it an enormous amount of information about the virus, as well as safety guidelines and precautions that everyone is required to follow. We started making all kinds of signs: signs that tell us where to stand, where to go, and what to do in order to protect ourselves and others. As we navigate our changing environment, we're understanding more and more that design can not only make spaces safer, but also rebuild human connections in a time of physical distancing.

We hope to add a sense of warmth to our shared spaces through Print Ready!, a collection of free printables that inform, instruct, and improve our interactions with each other. The printables, available to download in FIL and ENG, come in kits that are designed for specific spaces and purposes. We've also partnered with several printing shops so you can avail of affordable, high-quality prints—scroll down for the complete list!

This is an ongoing project that we hope to keep expanding as our needs evolve during and even after the pandemic. We're hoping to translate our existing printables into more FIL languages, and partner with more printing shops across the country to make our printables more accessible. If you would like to help out in this initiative, message us on Instagram or Facebook!

Balik Bahay

Activities and decorative prints for your home. Spend a relaxing weekend coloring, making origami, journaling, or decorating your space! Designed by Andie Gamboa and Macy Escay.

For fun

Origami House (A4)Origami House (A4)
Origami House (A4)
Scavenger Hunt (A4)Scavenger Hunt (A4)
Scavenger Hunt (A4)

For planning

Planner (A4)Planner (A4)
Planner with B/W version (A4)
Prompts (A4)Prompts (A4)
Prompts with B/W version (A4)

For decorating

Art Print (A5)Art Print (A5)
Art Print (A5 in A4 canvas)
Sticker (A5)Sticker (A5)
Sticker (A5 in A4 canvas)
Balik Negosyo

A set of printables for businesses reopening post-lockdown. Safely and warmly welcome your customers by displaying these at entrances! All posters are available in full-color and grayscale.

For establishments

Mask and face shield policy (A4)Mask and face shield policy (A4)
Mask and face shield policy (A4)
Operating hours (A5)Operating hours (A5)
Operating hours (A5)
Appointment policy (A5)Appointment policy (A5)
Appointment policy (A5)

For restaurants

Dining options (A4)Dining options (A4)
Dining options (A4)
Payment methods (A5)Payment methods (A5)
Payment methods (A5)
Physical distancing reminder (A5)Physical distancing reminder (A5)
Physical distancing reminder (A5)

For managing customers in-store

Health form (A4)Health form (A4)
Health form (A4)
Tokens for counting customers (poster A4)Tokens for counting customers (poster A4)
Customer limit (poster A4)
Tokens for counting customers (token sheet A5, box A5)Tokens for counting customers (token sheet A5, box A5)
Tokens (token sheet A5, box A5)

Printing Partners

Printer at home running low on ink? To support our suki printing shops, we’ve partnered with them so you can get high-quality, affordable prints (prices vary). Our printing partners have all of our Print Ready! files on-hand, so simply get in touch with them and they’ll know what to do!

KolourPro Print Studio
Quezon City, Metro Manila
  8 781 6853 or 0917 606 6575
Illumina Digital Printing
San Juan, Metro Manila
Dexact Photo & Graphic Services
City of Manila, Metro Manila
  8 524 3972 or 0917 804 4245
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