Design for impact

Impactful design is rooted in the genuine consideration of complex social realities and personal experiences. We strive to create work that is truly meaningful, from our process all the way to our output.



Our process in rooted in forms of community-building, which involve full sincerity, sustained conversation, and professional vulnerability.


Research is necessary to simultaneously broaden and deepen the ways we learn and understand social issues and their respective contexts.


Inspired by local culture and history, we use our skills in visual communication and information architecture to challenge perceptions and create meaningful work.


Design should always reflect the human experience

Works of Heart believes that good design happens when there is a conscious and strategic decision to reflect the brand’s story—when a design is created with a deep understanding of the community’s needs and insights of a human response.

People with the same goal must work together

Our goals are simple: we want every Filipino to live a better life. And despite the simplicity of our goals, the path is difficult. The country is a work in progress—but for as long as we share the same goals as the partners we collaborate with it is a path we will always be willing to take.

Beautiful stories must be heard

Stories help us connect with each other to navigate life’s complex social problems. Works of Heart was founded on the belief that everyone has a story and no matter how small or seemingly meaningless, they all deserve to be heard.

Design must be done for good

At the heart of everything we do, we design with integrity and strive for truth. Every decision we make and every output we create, we do to leave a positive impact in the lives of our fellow Filipinos.

Partners as co-creators

Together with our partners, we co-design better stories and output in pursuit of a just society. Some of our partners include:


Our team

We work towards having the creativity, agility, and empathy to keep pursuing better visions for our world.

Roxy Navarro-Arenal

Creative Director
Alfonso, Cavite

Relentlessly exploring the different fields of design from visual communication to UI/UX the past 10 years, Roxy has become a jill of all trades. She has initiated creative projects for education and social entrepreneurship, believing they are key to achieving social justice.

Nikki Solinap

Art Director, Lead for Publications
Bacolod City, Negros Occidental

Nikki started making graphics at age 10 and hasn’t stopped since—her portfolio ranges from posters of her favorite celebrities to school newspapers to brand identity systems. She dreams of a progressive Philippines steered by culture and the arts.

Liz Cabrera

Accounts Manager, Lead for Campaigns
Iloilo City, Iloilo

With a background in business management, Liz has always been drawn to social entrepreneurship. Her love for all things local cuts across agriculture, community development, and cultural preservation with the belief that they are fundamental to nation building.

Raffy Borromeo

Designer, Lead for Graphic Design
San Pedro, Laguna

An illustrator and designer who has worked in diverse fields for 5 years, Raffy uses her skills as a tool to amplify the voices of those in need of proper representation. She loves animals and the environment, supporting them through her vegetarianism and zero-waste lifestyle.

Maxine Garcia

Designer, Lead for Web
Muntinlupa, Metro Manila

Max takes a multidisciplinary approach to her design craft. As an advocate for access to information and technology, she views gaps in society as opportunities to think big and do better.

Isabel Weber

Muntinlupa, Metro Manila

As an illustrator and designer inspired by cartoons, childrens’ books, and zine culture, Bel believes in the power of telling stories that connect people and strives to destigmatize mental health and empower women and all those “othered” by society.

Paulina Badion

Project Manager
Olongapo City, Zambales

Influenced by her family of doctors and her interest in different forms of art, Paulina has always had a foot in each of those paths. She continues to advocate for public and mental health for all, and is now driven to pursue opportunities and spaces that would allow her to merge her advocacy and creativity.

Inya de Vera

Muntinlupa, Metro Manila

With a love for biodiversity and art, Inya strongly believes in design as a way to improve connections between people and the products they use. As a designer and illustrator, she strives to translate people’s stories into meaningful brand identities.

Iñigo Arenal

Finance & Business Manager
Alfonso, Cavite

Iñigo has moved from various industries such as finance, entrepreneurship and human resources. Eventually, he entered the culinary industry being on track to be a chef. Despite having little experience in design, all of his experiences, are valuable to the growth of the company.

Gabby Layugan


Irene Lim


Our sincerest gratitude to all who have helped build Works of Heart in the past and present.

Let's do good
work together

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