Our Story

Works of Heart is a youth-led design agency made up of passionate and service-oriented creatives working together for a better Philippines. By providing effective design for all—most especially mission-based organizations, we aim to be your creative partner, working hand-in-hand to tell your story through visual communication and grounded solutions.

Humble Beginnings

In 2012, Works of Heart was born in a college classroom as an answer to the question, “How can I be of service?”

Grounded in the framework “passion meets purpose”—the intersection between deep gladness and the world’s hunger—Works of Heart became a platform to allow its founders to design for a cause: to solve problems for communities by raising awareness for their cause, and in so doing, allowing them to reach wider audiences. With the team’s skill for design, and passion for making a difference, Works of Heart was created to become a designer’s tool for change.

Why Development?

The Philippines has the most number of non-government organizations in South East Asia, but despite that, 26.3% of Filipinos still live in extreme poverty. At the root of everything, therein lies our problem.

While we know that putting up Works of Heart is not the solution to all of our country’s problems, in one way or another, this is our way of making a difference—however big, however small.

More than making the world a better place through art and design, Works of Heart is about finding that intersection between need and skill, what the country needs and what we’re capable of, and bridging that gap.

5 things we believe in

Design is human

There are several facets to a human-centered design. First, as designers, we believe that great design is not something you can automate. It happens when there is a conscious and strategic decision to reflect the brand’s story—when a design is created with a deep understanding of the community’s needs.

Second, in creating our work, we always keep in mind that there is a person at the receiving end of our designs. A person whose story we promised to tell; whose advocacies we want to share with the rest of the world—for a cause that is equally important to us. In that way, all our designs are created with the receiver in mind. And we ask: is this the most effective way to tell their story?

Finally, we believe that design should always reflect the human experience.

Beautiful stories must be heard

Everyone has a story. And Works of Heart was founded on the belief that every story—no matter how small or seemingly meaningless—deserves to be heard.

People with the same goal must work together

Our goals are simple: we want every Filipino to live a better life. And despite the simplicity of our goals, the path is difficult. The country is a work in progress—but for as long as we share the same goals as the communities we serve, it is a path we will always be willing to take.

Design with integrity

At the heart of everything we do, we design for a cause. Every single output we create, we do to leave a positive impact in the lives of our partner communities. Most importantly, in every thing we do, we strive for Truth.

The best work comes out when passion & purpose meet

Last but not the least, here at Works of Heart, we have always believed in the interconnectedness of passion and purpose, the balance between art and heart. And finally, that effective design happens when it is born out of trust, understanding, and sincerity—a genuine care for our partner communities—coupled with skill and strategy to create the best possible design.